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Windows Live Hotmail Keyboard Shortcuts

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What Is Windows Live Hotmail?

Windows Live Hotmail is a web-based email provider by Microsoft that will eventually replace the old MSN Hotmail once it is complete. Along with features like drag-and-drop, a configurable reading pane, spellcheck-as-you-type, and a customizable look-and-feel, it has a growing set of keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts

]Next message
[Previous message
Ctrl+]Next folder
Ctrl+[Previous folder
EnterOpen selected message in full view
DeleteDelete selected message
EscReturn to inbox
]Next contact (when viewing contacts)
[Previous contact (when viewing contacts)

Additional Resources

If you're wondering, I do happen to work on the Windows Live Hotmail team. As such, here are my shameless extra links related to the product =]