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GMail Keyboard Shortcuts

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What Is GMail?

GMail, or Google Mail, is a web-based email provider by Google. Its key differentiators from other webmail services include an inbox based on conversations, labels instead of folders, and auto-saving for drafts. It also has many keyboard shortcuts to make reading your email faster than ever.

Enabling GMail Keyboard Shortcuts

To use GMail's keyboard shortcuts, you first have to turn them on:

  1. Login to GMail
  2. Click on Settings in the upper-right
  3. Select "Keyboard shortcuts on"

Now you're all set!

Navigating The Conversation List

To make it easier to visualize GMail's keyboard shortcuts, I've grouped and color-coded them in correlation to Figure 1, below.

jMove down a conversation
kMove up a conversation
nNext message in a conversation
pPrevious message in a conversation
oOpen the current conversation
uReturn to conversation list
yArchive the current conversation
sStar a message or conversation
xSelect the current conversation

Writing Mail

aReply All
Tab, EnterSend
EscEscape from input field
Ctrl+SSave draft

Conversation List Keyboard Shortcuts
Figure 1 - GMail Keyboard Shortcuts Visualization

Navigating GMail

g, iGo to Inbox
g, aGo to All Mail
g, sGo to Starred
g, cGo to Contacts
g, dGo to Drafts