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Bookmark Keyboard Shortcuts

Everyone uses bookmarks nowadays. They accelerate your web browsing for the sites you visit daily, and make remembering reference sites easier.

What everyone doesn't know is that Firefox has an incredibly powerful way of accessing your existing bookmarks. And you can do it without taking your hands off the keyboard!

An Example

The best way to understand bookmark keyboard shortcuts is through an example. Note that in this example, I have a bookmark to with its keyboard shortcut set to "p."

  1. Alt+D to bring you to the address bar
  2. Type "p"
    Entering p into the address bar
    Figure 1 - Enter p into the address bar
  3. Hit enter

That's it.

The great thing about bookmark keyboard shortcuts is that you don't even need to have the bookmarks on your bookmark toolbar: You can have them filed away in a subfolder that you manage using the Bookmarks menu (accessible through the Ctrl+B keyboard shortcut). This saves precious space on your bookmark toolbar for ones that you like to have immediately visible.

Setting Up Bookmark Keyboard Shortcuts

It's not just easy to use bookmark keyboard shortcuts - it's easy to set them up too!

  1. Right-click a bookmark and choose the Properties menu item:
    Right-clicking the bookmark
    Figure 2 - Right-click the bookmark
  2. Fill in the Keyword section with the keyboard shortcut you want:
    Filling in the keyboard shortcut
    Figure 3 - Fill in the keyboard shortcut

And you're ready to rock!

What are Bookmarklets?

While we're on the topic of bookmarks, I figure I'd share something about bookmarklets.

Bookmarklets are bookmarks that run JavaScript on the page you have in your browser. You can do things like "Remove java, flash, background music, and third-party iframes" with the Zap Plugins bookmarklet. Or even pause, unpause, and rewind Flash movies!

I recommend Jesse's Bookmarklet Site for a great selection.

Using Bookmarklets

It's easy to setup bookmarklets from most bookmarlet sites. To add a bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar, just drag the bookmarklet link there. To remove a bookmarklet, just right-click on it and select Delete.

As a side note, most bookmarklets are available for browsers other than just Firefox.