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Introduction to Firefox Productivity

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What Is Firefox?

Firefox is a Web browser (like Internet Explorer) that is available free from Mozilla. It boasts quick page loading times, tabbed browsing, automatic updates, improved pop-up blocking, integrated search, and more.

Over the past few years, Firefox has proven itself as a great piece of software shown by its increasing market share. We personally recommend it over Internet Explorer 6 because of its speed, usability, and extensibility.

You can download Firefox from Mozilla by clicking on the Firefox icon in the section to the right.

For more information, check out the Firefox website.

What Is Firefox Productivity?

Firefox productivity is the art of working efficiently with Windows by improving your interactions with it.

Firefox has a lot of great features (both built-in and available as plug-ins) that can boost your browsing speed.

In this section, we give you three ways to get work done faster: keyboard shortcuts, mouse shortcuts, and some miscellaneous speedups.

What You Need To Know

To be productive with Windows, you need to know the basics of keyboard productivity: keyboard shortcuts and keyboard combinations. If you haven't already, at least skim over the Introduction to Keyboard Productivity.

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